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Are carpet seams supposed to show?

No seam is invisible, seams should be kept to a minimum, running the length of the area making sure the natural light does not strike across the seam.


I have Berber carpet and my seams are raveling, what is causing this?

It’s possible that the seams weren’t sealed. All cut edges of the two pieces used to make the seam should be sealed to prevent problems like this.


My carpet is buckling, what causes this to happen?

Several things can cause buckling, improper installation, the wrong cushion, moving furniture or high humidity. When having your carpet re-stretched, be sure all the furniture is removed from the room and the carpet is power stretched very tightly in all four directions.


Do seams on a cut pile carpet not need to be sealed?

Manufacturers specify that all carpet seams must be sealed.


Do I have to put a carpet cushion under my carpet?

Carpet cushion is the life of the carpet. Except for direct glue down carpet, we recommend always using carpet cushion.


Should the carpet pile go up the stairs or down the stairs?

It’s recommended to have the carpet pile going up the stairs to help prevent slip/fall.


Is it proper procedure to wet my carpet backing before installing the carpet?

This is not a recommended procedure and may change the integrity of the backing components, resulting in wrinkling and buckling.


What type of pad should be installed over radiant heat?

It is recommend to use either a flat rubber or synthetic cushion that is no thicker than 3/8 of an inch.



My carpet has been down for two weeks and still smells causing me to have a stuffy nose, what can I do?

If ventilating and vacuuming doesn’t help try to have a hot water extraction done on the new carpet.


How do I buy durable carpet?

Every fiber has it’s own characteristic (we give each fiber characteristic) and no one single fiber has everything. Regardless of which fiber you choose, the construction of the carpet is what makes carpet durable. For durable, heavy traffic carpet you want to look for a dense construction (you don’t want to be able to easily see, or feel the backing of the carpet through the fiber). Shorter pile heights perform better in heavy traffic areas (like entry ways, stairs, halls, playrooms) so choosing a pile height with a ½ of an inch or less will be more durable. If choosing a cut pile carpet, a tighter twist will be more durable than a looser twist. If choosing a Berber carpet, the smaller tighter loops will be more durable than the larger looser loop.


What type of cushion should I use under my carpet?

Cut pile carpet should have a cushion that is no thicker than 7/16 of an inch and a firm cushion. Berber carpet and most commercial carpet should have a cushion no thicker than 3/8 of an inch and be a very firm cushion.


Does my carpet pad need replacing after being soaked?

Generally yes; although, some newly developed restoration procedures may be able to salvage the cushion. Wet carpet cushion is very difficult to adequately dry quickly.


My sewage drain overflowed and has saturated my carpet, can my Carpet be saved?

We don’t recommend trying to save sewage contaminated carpet. Highly absorbent materials such as carpet and pad cannot be washed in hot (130 degrees F) for the minimum recommended time of 10 minutes. This contaminated material should be properly disposed of by a trained restoration professional.

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